Sports Floor Covering

A logistic system has been developed to help improve the installation,
the removal, the transportation and the storage of the sports floor covering:


  Transport and Unroll Trolley for one roll. For the off and on rolling, the
   lifting and transportation of the floor covering. With the help of the
   Transport and Unroll Trolley the roll can be unrolled directly from the rack
   and moved into position.
  Transportation Barrow with pneumatic tyres for transportation roll by roll.
  Double-sided portable storage rack so that 4 or 6 rolls can de stored at the
   same time.
  Roll Hoist (pair). With the roll hoist and the pole positioning lever the racks
   can be loaded and the poles can be repositioned within a rack.
  Securing belt, 1.80 m x 40 mm textile belt with velcro closure for fixing and
    tightening the rolls.