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Silver: Restore with confidence, extend time before Renovation.

When the top layer of a wood floor's protective surface is slightly stained or showing light scratches, recoating the surface can effectively restore its original beauty and sporting characteristics. An additional layer of Sportive finish protects the lines and prevents more costly renovation.

High performance diamond abrasives with the Bona Flexisand machine are used to prepare the surface by removing micro scratches and wear. The surface when scrubbed with deep clean solution, can be recoated with Sportive finish giving the floor a new layer of durable protection with perfect adhesion to the layer beneath.

We have found that 2 years is the best interval, 3 years is a little long, between reseals. We advise accordingly when we inspect your floors to create an optimal maintenance schedule and send email reminders in time for the next reseal.

Games lines on resilient sports floors such as linoleum, PU and vinyl that have no protection and fade over time, can simply be repainted to give the sports hall a revitalised look. New sports can be added and old spec markings such as basketball pre 2012 can be modified to the new FIBA marking.

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