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Bronze: Reviving Floor Freshness

Heavy traffic and the build-up of dirt and residue can leave floors looking dull, tired and lacklustre.

Our unique Deep Cleaning treatment works hard to remove stubborn stains and to restore the freshness and appearance of a range of sports surfaces, from wood to vinyl, PU and linoleum, without the costs and downtime associated with recoating or full renovation.

Once a term would be ideal to deep clean a wood floor previously sealed with Sportive lacquer and then apply a coat of Freshen Up: in 24 hours the work is done and the floor back in use.

The powerful action of Bona Power Scrubber with the highly concentrated cleaning solution works deep down, removing stubborn stains and layers of cleaning residue. Safe, effective and suitable for all kinds of flooring, our Deep Clean Treatment leaves floors looking fresh and revived.

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