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Gold: Unique Renovation Methods

Give damaged and heavily worn floors a new lease of life, dramatic makeovers and colour changes can be achieved easily, with outstanding final results.

For resilient sports floors, we call it Recoating, you could call it a brand new floor. You get new sports coatings with improved sporting characteristics. Recoating enables you to add logos, update games lines and even change the colour of your resilient surface. 

With a complete range of RAL colours, the design possibilities are endless. You can create a whole new floor experience with new vibrant colours. 

Wood floors are renovated by sanding to bare wood to give a fresh start, then three new layers of sports lacquer and new games markings are installed. The layout of the courts can be updated and improved and you can add logos and branding. A court layout drawing in full colour and detail is prepared so you can visualise the finished result.

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